The Smarter Living Experience

What makes a smart home different from a home with smart electronics? Control 4 delivers the complete smart home experience by delivering control over lighting, HVAC, security, surveillance, audio/video, etc… all under one seamless user interface.

Technology for Autism

Control 4 can specialize systems for families with special needs to offer independence, safety, and peace of mind.

Automation – restaurants & sports bars

Examples of how automation can streamline operations allowing staff to focus on the customer experience.

Meeting and Conference Room Solutions

How can automation make your business better?

Conference Room automation system

Automation customized to your specific needs & branding

Mandarin Oriental Hotel: Las Vegas

Automation in a hospitality environment provides efficiency, consistency, and style

Montage: Deer Valley, UTAH

Automation, the client experience, and catering to individual needs in a hospitality environment

Home Smart Home Magazine

Home Smart Home Magazine brings the 21st century concept of control to life by illustrating how it’s making things a little easier in today’s increasingly complex world. We’ll show you how home control is transforming both people and places all over the world. Click¬†the images below to download a digital copy optimized for your digital device.

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